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Four Digits | Jansbinnensingel 26, 6811 AL Arnhem, The Netherlands |
Roel Bruggink works for Four Digits and is a Plone developer since 2008. Roel's day-to-day work consists of a wide range of activities linked to Plone; from system administration and backend/frontend development, to project management.

New maintainer for MacPorts' python24

by Roel Bruggink — May 05, 2010 — 2 comments

Roel Bruggink has stepped up as the maintainer for MacPort's python24 port.

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There's an end to everything. But not right now :)

by Roel Bruggink — Apr 02, 2010 — 2 comments

Four Digits and Plone are here to stay.

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There's an end to everything.

by Roel Bruggink — Apr 01, 2010 — 9 comments

Four Digits is moving away from Plone.

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Adding Zope 2 permissions using just ZCML and a Generic Setup profile

by Roel Bruggink — Aug 16, 2009 — 0 comments

How to add Zope 2 permissions without a Zope 2 package (

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collective.anonymousview released

by Roel Bruggink — May 15, 2009 — 0 comments

collective.anonymousview allows authenticated users to view a page as if they are not logged in.

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Dutch Plone translation sprint: the results

by Roel Bruggink — Apr 06, 2009 — 1 comment

Plone is once again 100% Dutch.

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Made by Four Digits based on Plone.
Made by Four Digits based on Plone.