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Rob Gietema is one of the CEOs of Four Digits and a Zope developer for eight years. Rob was responsible for creating the front-end including the WYSIWYG editor for Coherence 2 (a CMS based on Zope). At the moment Rob is a Plone developer and maintainer of the TinyMCE Editor Plone product and the Round About Plone product. He is also currently working on the new UI for Plone (Deco).

Donating 10% of our time!

by Rob Gietema May 03, 2010

As of now every Four Digits employee should devote 10% of his or her time to improve Plone!

Looking back at the last couple of years we have been contributing a lot to the Open Source Community in general and Plone in specific. This includes Plone core-developement, add-on products development, dutch translations, visiting and giving talks at conferences and symposia. These contributions are made both during and after work hours. Up until now we encouraged coworkers to contribute but everybody could decide him/herself if he/she wanted to do so, nothing formal was agreed.

Following Google and Jarn who have similar agreements, every Four Digits employee should now devote 10% of his or her time to improve Plone! We believe by doing this we can make Plone even better and hope other companies will also consider similar agreements with their employees.

Martijn Faassen

Google contributing to Plone?

Posted by Martijn Faassen at May 03, 2010 03:06 PM
If you don't know about Google's actual agreement, this article might lead one to believe that Google employees are donating 10% of their time to improve Plone. That would be insanely cool but probably wreak havoc with the Plone development process. :)
Alex Clark


Posted by Alex Clark at May 04, 2010 02:48 PM
Here's a link to the policy in case others want to join, and good luck!
Geir Bækholt


Posted by Geir Bækholt at May 05, 2010 09:31 PM
This is wonderful news!
Made by Four Digits based on Plone.
Made by Four Digits based on Plone.